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Meet the Librarian who built his own car in Malawi

Jeremiah Kalinda, a Librarian from Malawian has built his own car.

In an exclusive interview with Africa’s giant YouTuber Wode Maya monitored by My News Africa,   Mr Jeremiah Kalinda stated that he is a Librarian by profession and has no background in Engineering or anything of that sort.


It took Mr. Jeremiah a whole year to build his car and this came with criticisms and discouragement from his surrounding friends.

”It took me a year to build this car. When I first started, some friends discouraged me and others said I was going crazy but I did not give heed to any of their destructive criticisms. I just continued to pursue my dream and never listened to any of them.” – Mr Jeremiah said in the interview.

When asked where he got his materials from, Mr Jeremiah Stated that he did not buy his materials but he goes around looking for abandoned metallic scraps.

I do the welding myself and call on a professional welder to inspect after I am done. I used scraps so I usually go and scout around for scraps from neighbours and others. So I never bought them. Whenever I find a pipe along the way I just take it, if it’s a box I pick it up. So that is how I got all the materials.  The friends who initially criticised me and said I was going crazy are now applauding me saying ‘you are doing good ” – He added

Mr Jeremiah used a motorbike’s engine for the engine in his car. He averred that the engine works perfectly fine even though it is the engine of a motorbike. He test-drove the car where he went for a U-turn together with Wode Maya.


Mr Kalinda said he hopes to see himself owning a car manufacturing company in Malawi in the next five years.     When asked what he thinks about the education system of Africa, He explained that Africa has an education system that keeps you in the state of memorising things and not a situation where you have to think and come up with something for yourself.

”These whites imposed this education so that we keep memorising things but not open an education system where somebody can think on his own and do something. We memorize the head, thorax and abdomen of grasshoppers among others which is wrong” – He opined 

Mr Jeremiah Kalinda concluded by stating that if he had the opportunity to change a thing in Africa, it would have been the mindset of youth in Africa. He continued by saying, ”The youth should believe that they are capable of doing anything. We’ve got brains, we’ve got hands and so anything is possible!”

Kindly watch the full interview below for more;




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