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Ghanaian chef Failatu Abdul-Razak attempting to break the Guinness World Record surpasses 130 hours

As of Friday afternoon, the industrious Ghanaian chef, Failatu Abdul-Razak, has been fervently engaged in her culinary endeavor, tirelessly cooking for an impressive stretch of over 113 hours at a prominent hotel located in the northern city of Tamale. Her remarkable goal is nothing short of shattering the existing Guinness World Record for a cook-a-thon, a feat currently held by the accomplished Irish chef Alan Fisher, who logged an impressive 119 hours and 57 minutes.

This captivating culinary spectacle has not only drawn the attention of local onlookers but has become a magnet for a diverse audience, including celebrities, politicians, and ordinary citizens, all converging at the hotel to witness the gastronomic marathon unfold before their eyes. Among the admirers is Fuseini Musah, a supporter, who expressed his pride in being part of this historic event, noting, “It is history in the making, and as a Ghanaian, I’m proud to be part of it.”

This culinary challenge is not just a personal pursuit for Abdul-Razak; it is a symbolic representation of a “national assignment” on behalf of Ghana and its citizens. The ambitious chef, fueled by a desire to etch her name into the annals of culinary history, aspires to cook for an astounding 200 hours.


However, amid the enthusiasm surrounding this record-breaking attempt, concerns have surfaced about the potential toll on Abdul-Razak’s mental well-being. A precedent was set last month when Ghanaian Afua Asantewaa Owusu Aduonum had to prematurely conclude her attempt to break the world record for the longest time spent singing due to signs of mental stress, as indicated by her medical team.

Abdul-Razak adheres to stringent guidelines, allowing her only five-minute breaks every hour or an accumulated one hour after a stretch of 12 hours. The Guinness World Record organization, while remaining silent on the ongoing attempt, is expected to comment on the outcome only after the potential 120 hours are surpassed, which may transpire in the early hours of Saturday.

In her marathon of culinary artistry, Chef Abdul-Razak has been captivating audiences by preparing a variety of dishes, with a spotlight on banku, a traditional Ghanaian dish crafted from fermented maize and cassava dough. This gastronomic extravaganza has been broadcasted live on television since the inception of the New Year, turning the spotlight not only on the culinary arts but also on the resilience and determination of one exceptional chef.


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