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Gideon Egyabeng

As a writer dedicated to promoting Africa, I have developed a unique perspective on the continent's people, cultures, and challenges. With a deep appreciation for Africa's diversity, I have contributed to numerous online publications, crafting articles that celebrate the continent's achievements and shed light on its issues. You can reach out to me via email:

National Service Personnel

The Plight Of National Service Personnel In Ghana

National Service also known as mandatory service or compulsory service is a program that requires young individuals to serve their country for a specified period. National service is a vital aspect of many nations’ educational systems, aimed at providing graduates with practical experience and contributing to national development. In Ghana, the National Service Scheme (NSS)…

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Former Prime Minister of Burundi Faces Trial

Former Burundian Prime Minister Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, once a powerful figure in the country’s politics, appeared in court on September 28th, facing allegations of undermining national security and insulting the president. Bunyoni, who held the position of Prime Minister from June 2020 until his dismissal in September 2022, is currently on trial before the Supreme Court….

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Cleanup Operations Commence in Cape Town Following Severe Flooding

In the aftermath of heavy rainfall in Cape Town, cleanup operations have been initiated, but the situation remains dire. Tragically, eight lives have been lost, with four children falling victim to electrocution in separate incidents. Numerous homes, particularly in impoverished informal settlements, have been submerged in floodwaters, leaving families scrambling to salvage their possessions. #ImageOfTheDay…

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Awuku Makafui

Biography of Awuku Makafui – Founder And CEO – Mckingtorch Africa

Awuku Makafui‘s journey as a social entrepreneur and innovator is nothing short of exceptional. His remarkable achievements and contributions have left an indelible mark in the fields of environmental sustainability, waste management, and entrepreneurship. Let’s delve into some of his most noteworthy accomplishments: Awuku Makafui: The Early Years Awuku Makafui’s path to becoming a multifaceted…

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Tonye Solomon

Tonye Solomon Sets Guinness World Record by Walking 60 Km with a Football on His Head

Tonye Solomon, a Nigerian man, embarked on an extraordinary journey that would not only prove his determination but also showcase his exceptional skills. He walked an astonishing 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Amassoma to Yenagoa, both situated within the scenic landscape of Bayelsa State, Nigeria, with a football balanced on his head. Tonye’s unwavering determination…

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