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7 Malawaians built a machine that prepares Staple foods on it own (Banku,Nsima,Ugali)

7 Malawaians Built Staple foods Machine

Malawi is a Southeast African country with a populace of 19.89 million lined by Zambia, the Unified Republic of Tanzania and Mozambique. It is limited and landlocked yet has a 750-kilometer-long line with Lake Malawi (likewise called Lake Nyasa). It has high countries, focal levels and detached mountains.


In spite of the fact that Malawi is quite possibly the most densely populated country in southern Africa, it is additionally one of the most un-urbanized, with more than four-fifths of its kin living in rustic areas.

High School Students in Malawi
7 High School Students in Malawi

The Well known Staple Food In Malawi


Nsima: This is a staple of Malawi food. It is produced using ground corn and presented with side dishes of meat or vegetables. Individuals in Malawi can have this for breakfast, lunch and supper. Certain individuals call it Ugali, posho, or sima, but in Ghana, it is called Banku.

Staple food
Staple food


Much time is spent in getting ready such food varieties because of that seven Malawian senior significant level understudy has had the option to emerge with a gadget that decreases the time we use to set up these Staples food sources. So rather than Utilizing 30 mins this gadget will set up the food on its own inside 17mins and it additionally utilizes power. It additionally has two warming fings where other fluid food varieties can be ready.


In One of Wode Maya’s videos on Changing the narrative of Africa at Malawi he had the opportunity to converse with these fellows and every one of the thoughts behind this development was shared.

7 Malawaians Built a machine
7 Malawaians Built a machine


It was told in the video by their leader that this was the third cooking machine they have had the option to construct and none of the three has been sold. They likewise referenced a portion of the difficulties that they faced while building such developments. They featured the challenges they face with regard to materials they will use as well as capital.


Meet the man who Is Supporting this Youthful Malawaians’ Innovation

Napoleon Dzombe is a money manager and donor in Malawi. He is the organizer behind the Gift Medical Clinic in Malawi.

Napoleon Dzombe
Napoleon Dzombe


He was a significant figure in giving guidance during the 2001-2002 dry spell in Malawi. Dzombe likewise attempts to advance superior horticultural practices in Malawi. He possesses and works with Madalitso Food Creation and furthermore claims a sugar company. Dzombe’s organization Mtalimanja Property Restricted has additionally put a huge number of dollars into an enormous scope of Rice processing apparatus.

In 2012, Dzombe led a gathering of finance managers who made a significant interest in biodiesel innovation for Malawi.

His work was the subject of the 2005 short film “A Warm Heart”.

Dzombe is an individual from the Congregation of the church of Christ.

Right now he has constructed a lodging in Dowa Boma.


Napoleon Dzombe’s  Net Worth

By our assessments, Napoleon Dzombe is worth 75 million USD as of now.


For each continent to foster we can’t get rid of innovation, In Africa we have a great deal of skilled innovators who have emerged with pleasant thoughts. We can discuss about Apostle. Ing Kwadwo Sarfo from Ghana, Kelvin Doe from Serre Leon, Omolabake Adenle, Nigeria: Voice acknowledgement and discourse union programming for African dialects. Let’s help our own and change the story of Africa.

They all made it before they could break it so can you. Let us change the storyline of our lovely continent, “AFRICA”.





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