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Meet Joy Achungo: The Kenyan University student changing lives and making the world a better place

Joy Achungo, a dedicated student at Maseno University in Kenya, is currently in her third year pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education. With a focus on SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDG 4 (Quality Education), Joy is on a mission to bring about transformative change in her community.

Passion for SDG 13 and 4

Driven by a deep passion for addressing climate issues and promoting quality education, Joy actively advocates for SDG 13 and 4. She believes in the power of education to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities while recognizing the urgent need for climate action.

Advocacy and Impact

Joy’s commitment to her cause is evident through her involvement with various organizations, including Students for Liberty, 3zero Club, and Force of Nature. Leveraging these platforms, she has organized and participated in numerous workshops and events to raise awareness about climate change and the importance of quality education.

Collaborative Efforts

Joy acknowledges the importance of collaboration in bringing about real change. With the support of organizations like Students for Liberty, 3zero Club, and Force of Nature, she has been able to amplify her impact and engage her community in meaningful conversations.

Focus Areas: Home Science and Biology

In addition to her advocacy work, Joy also has a keen interest in Home Science and Biology. As a teacher specializing in Home Science and Biology, Ernest Arthur, she is dedicated to imparting knowledge in areas such as apparel design, construction, and hospitality.

Future Endeavors

As Joy continues her academic journey at Maseno University, she remains committed to her goals of addressing climate change issues and promoting quality education. Through her collaborative efforts and passion for making a positive impact, she strives to inspire change in her community and beyond.


Joy Achungo’s journey at Maseno University and her commitment to addressing climate change and promoting quality education showcase a determined individual making a positive impact. Through collaborative efforts and engagement with various organizations, Joy strives to contribute to transformative change in her community and beyond.



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