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Floods Unearth Previously Unknown Ancient Structure at Ancient Greek City near Derna

The recent catastrophic floods that inundated Libya have brought to light previously unknown structures at an ancient Greek city near Derna.

During inspections conducted by Libyan authorities to assess the damage to the ancient city and salvage any recoverable artifacts, unexpected archaeological sites emerged as the floodwaters receded.

Dr. Ahmed Issa, a member of the Department of Archaeology at Omar Al-Mukhtar University, suggested the formation of a national committee comprising experts to categorize these newfound archaeological treasures and formulate a restoration plan for the affected area.

Anis Hamed, representing the Shahat Antiquities Control Department, noted that the floods had caused structural damage to archaeological buildings, prompting them to seek assistance from local authorities and UNESCO.

The city of Cyrene, originally established by the Greeks in 631 BC, experienced its pinnacle of prosperity during the fourth century BC, marked by advancements in agriculture and commerce. Cyrene is renowned for its Greek baths, the Temple of Zeus founded in the fifth century BC, the Temple of Apollo, and various other temples.

Tragically, the floods claimed the lives of thousands, causing extensive damage to residential structures and infrastructure, particularly in the city of Derna. According to reports from the Libyan Red Crescent and the United Nations, the disaster has resulted in over 11,000 fatalities, with more than 10,000 individuals still missing more than a week after the calamity struck.



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