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What’s The Distance from Ghana To Nigeria

What’s The Distance from Ghana To Nigeria


Ghana and Nigeria are neighboring countries in West Africa, and their distance varies depending on the mode of transportation used.


The distance between the two countries is approximately 1,153 kilometers (716 miles), while by air, it varies depending on the cities of departure and arrival, with a distance of approximately 1,026 kilometers (638 miles) between Accra and Lagos.


Traveling by sea is also possible through connecting ports in neighboring countries.




It’s important to note that Ghana and Nigeria have different cultures, histories, and languages, with Nigeria having a larger population than Ghana. However, they share many similarities, including their love for music, food, and sports, and a shared history of colonization by the British and the struggles for independence.




  1. Traveling between Ghana and Nigeria can be done by road, air, or sea, with air travel being the most common mode of transportation. Regardless of the mode of transportation used, it’s important to be prepared for the journey and ensure that all necessary travel documents are in order.






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