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Ten dead, 37 critically ill in SA cholera outbreak

Ten dead, 37 critically ill in SA cholera outbreak

Health authorities have reported that a cholera outbreak in Gauteng, South Africa’s most populous province, has resulted in the death of at least 10 individuals. Recent records indicate that since the previous Monday, approximately 95 people sought medical attention at hospitals in Hammanskraal, a region north of the capital city, Pretoria, due to exhibiting cholera symptoms.

SA chorela
SA chorela


A statement released by the Gauteng health department stated that laboratory tests conducted on Sunday confirmed 19 cases of cholera. Moreover, it was revealed that 37 individuals were in critical condition and required hospitalization. The victims affected by this outbreak encompassed nine adults and a three-year-old child. Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, the provincial head for health, has emphasized the importance of adopting additional precautionary measures and maintaining proper hand hygiene.

The authorities in the city of Tshwane have issued a warning to residents in Hammanskraal and neighboring areas, advising them against consuming tap water. As a precautionary measure, water tankers have been deployed to provide a safe water supply.

Local authorities are actively responding to the situation by implementing measures to address the cholera outbreak. Health officials are working diligently to identify the source of the contamination and prevent further spread of the disease. They are coordinating efforts with water and sanitation departments to ensure the safety of the water supply in the affected areas.

In addition to supplying safe drinking water through water tankers, public health campaigns have been launched to educate the community about cholera prevention. The importance of practicing good hygiene, such as handwashing with soap and clean water, is being emphasized. Communities are also being advised to properly handle and prepare food to minimize the risk of contamination.


Medical teams have been dispatched to affected areas to provide medical assistance, including the distribution of oral rehydration solutions to treat dehydration caused by cholera. Temporary treatment centers have been set up to isolate and treat infected individuals, preventing the further spread of the disease within healthcare facilities.


National and international health organizations are collaborating with local authorities to provide support and resources. Expert teams are assisting in surveillance, laboratory testing, and data analysis to better understand the outbreak and develop effective strategies for containment.


The government is urging residents to remain vigilant, report any symptoms of cholera promptly, and seek immediate medical attention if necessary. Public health hotlines have been established to provide information and support to the public, ensuring that accurate and timely information reaches those who need it.


Efforts are underway to mitigate the impact of the outbreak on the affected communities. The situation is being closely monitored, and further updates will be provided as more information becomes available. The collective response and collaboration between various stakeholders aim to control the outbreak and safeguard the well-being of the population.



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