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Sudan: At least 481 civilians killed since fighting began

Since fighting began in Sudan last month, at least 481 civilians have lost their lives and over 2,560 have been injured, according to the Sudanese Doctors Union. This number is part of the wider death toll of at least 700 people killed since April 15.

Despite over 100,000 people having fled Sudan, civilians trapped in the fighting continue to suffer, with many standing in long lines for limited supplies of bread. Even those who have escaped still require assistance, with hundreds of refugees queuing at the Sudanese border with Chad.

To address this, Brice Degla, a senior emergency coordinator with the UNHCR, says that the organization is identifying sites at least 50 kilometres from the border where people can be relocated and provided with assistance to mitigate the risk of insecurity.

The UN has requested $445 million to fund critical support, which will only be sufficient to sustain those displaced by the fighting over the next few months.

While a relief cargo has been loaded onto an aeroplane in Dubai for Sudan, the UN states that the humanitarian situation in and around Sudan is tragic. It is feared that peace talks will not progress while both sides believe they are capable of winning the battle.


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