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South African army commander visits Russia


South African army commander visits Russia

On Monday, Russian news agencies reported that Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha, commander of the South African army’s ground forces, is on an official visit to Moscow. This visit aims to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries and increase the combat readiness of their armed forces.

The delegation also visited military educational establishments of the Russian ground forces and enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex. The visit occurs amidst tensions between South Africa and the United States, which accuses South Africa of delivering arms to Russia, a country involved in a military offensive against Ukraine for over a year.

The South African government promised to investigate these allegations, but President Cyril Ramaphosa assured that his country’s non-aligned position does not favor Russia over other countries and does not jeopardize its relations with other countries. Last week, Ramaphosa spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and both leaders expressed their desire to enhance their cooperation.


The conversation between South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Russian President Vladimir Putin signaled their mutual commitment to deepening cooperation between their countries. Both leaders emphasized the importance of strengthening their ties without getting entangled in the ongoing competition between global powers regarding the situation in Ukraine.


President Ramaphosa reiterated that South Africa’s non-aligned position does not prioritize Russia over other nations and emphasized that it should not be seen as a threat to their relations with other countries. He clarified that South Africa had faced immense pressure to align with one side but maintained its stance of maintaining independence and pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships.


The phone conversation between the two leaders highlighted their shared aspirations to expand cooperation across various sectors, including trade, investment, and technology exchange. President Putin expressed his appreciation for South Africa’s commitment to a balanced approach and emphasized the potential for further collaboration between the two nations.


As tensions continue to simmer between South Africa and the United States over the alleged arms deliveries, the South African government remains committed to conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. However, no immediate response from the South African army was provided when contacted for comments on the accusations.


The outcome of the investigation, along with the ongoing discussions and cooperation efforts between South Africa and Russia, will likely shape the future trajectory of their relationship and have broader implications for the geopolitical landscape in the region.



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