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Floods Unearth Previously Unknown Ancient Structure at Ancient Greek City near Derna

The recent catastrophic floods that inundated Libya have brought to light previously unknown structures at an ancient Greek city near Derna. During inspections conducted by Libyan authorities to assess the damage to the ancient city and salvage any recoverable artifacts, unexpected archaeological sites emerged as the floodwaters receded. Dr. Ahmed Issa, a member of the…

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Western Sahara dispute

Algeria and Morocco engage in a dispute over the Western Sahara issue at the United Nations.

Representatives from Morocco and Algeria engaged in a heated exchange at the United Nations regarding the status of Western Sahara on Tuesday. Algiers advocated for the revival of a long-delayed referendum to determine the fate of the former Spanish colony. Algerian Ambassador Amar Bendjama asserted, “We Algerians have chosen the path of justice, decolonization, freedom,…

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South Sudan

South Sudan: peacebuilding event held in Terekeka County

In Freedom Square, Terekeka County, South Sudan, a gathering of more than 500 individuals convened to reaffirm their commitment to peace in anticipation of the scheduled December 2024 elections. This outreach event was a collaborative effort involving the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, the African Theological Leadership School, and the Central Equatoria State Ministry…

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UN Expert urges Algeria to pardon pro-democracy

UN expert urges Algeria to pardon pro-democracy convicts.

A United Nations expert has called upon Algeria to extend pardons to individuals who were convicted or detained due to their participation in the pro-democracy protests of 2019-20 and to ease restrictions on public gatherings. The Hirak protests first erupted in February 2019, which eventually led to the resignation of the long-standing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika…

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Tonye Solomon

Tonye Solomon Sets Guinness World Record by Walking 60 Km with a Football on His Head

Tonye Solomon, a Nigerian man, embarked on an extraordinary journey that would not only prove his determination but also showcase his exceptional skills. He walked an astonishing 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Amassoma to Yenagoa, both situated within the scenic landscape of Bayelsa State, Nigeria, with a football balanced on his head. Tonye’s unwavering determination…

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7 Malawaians built a machine that prepares Staple foods on it own (Banku,Nsima,Ugali)

7 Malawaians Built Staple foods Machine Malawi is a Southeast African country with a populace of 19.89 million lined by Zambia, the Unified Republic of Tanzania and Mozambique. It is limited and landlocked yet has a 750-kilometer-long line with Lake Malawi (likewise called Lake Nyasa). It has high countries, focal levels and detached mountains.  …

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